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When you buy from DPH Arms, you can rest assured that you are getting a product of the upmost quality.

AK47 - AK74 - RPK

Weather you select a product made by DPH Arms or some other manufacture, we can assure you that we have researched the products that we offer to ensure that they are of the highest quality. As for products manufactured by DPH Arms, we take great care in our manufacturing process to ensure the parts we make will perform as expected.

Our goal is to upgrade your AK into a superior firearm that will service your needs for years to come. When it comes to offering products from other vendors we only select products that meet our expectations for our customers. Do you like the AK, but find it's not the best fit for you because you're tall.

Then get the AK Strikeforce Package, it offers a 6 position stock so you can adjust the length of pull to give a personalized fit. This stock kit offers improved ergonomics and increases your comfort. Yes, our Strikeforce stock kit fits AK stamped receivers and has a side folding stock for easier storage.

It's also made in the USA. Saiga Tactical Furniture Package. These aluminum parts are compatible with all Ace-style systems, and bolt up to all Ace hinges. This Saiga package focuses on higher quality at an affordable price. Tired of shoulder pain after a day in the field? You'll find no better combination of quality, value and versatility in the AK market.

It is the single best accessory that you can put on a Saiga 12ga shotgun. This modified Tapco Trigger assembly installs in every Saiga except the and series.

Use this single hook fire control group when conversions require moving the trigger assembly forward. Call Cart My Account.

akm accessories

Wide Selection of Saiga 12 Brakes. Competitive Pricing without Sacrificing Quality! Your safety and satisfaction come first. It has for 14 years.

You'll find we inventory a large collection of parts and accessories for your AK such as stocks, grips, handguards, conversion parts and much more for all AK variants. If it's a part, it ships at the flat rate. All orders are out the door within 48 business hours, and we don't pad your invoice with 'handling' charges.

Expanding Inventory We sell more than AK parts and accessories. Be sure to check out our newest products. Put a New Products picture link here when they're ready. Specials and Firearms picture links here. Saiga Tactical Furniture Package These aluminum parts are compatible with all Ace-style systems, and bolt up to all Ace hinges. Sign up for special deals and offers! For Email Marketing you can trust.Stay Connected:. Phone Orders Browse by Category. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly.

Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle. Gas System. Mags and Pouches.

Receiver and Build Parts. AK47 Milled Specific. AKM Specific. AK74 Specific. Beryl Specific. Tantal Specific. Yugo Specific. More Details Buy. Please wait. Sign Up For Newsletter. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories.

We are proud to offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production U. RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service.At Ankarsrum, we believe food that is made at home tastes better. And that the tools we use should be durable, hardworking and of the utmost premium quality. Because there is pride to be found in making something from the ground up and feeding it to your friends and family. The Meat Grinder continues to be the most popular accessory because it is so versatile: it can process almost any kind of meat Hunter's love it!

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Customer Service All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Site by Greybeard Design Group. Home About Dealer Login Contact. Please Wait. What's New At Ankarsrum, we believe food that is made at home tastes better.

Most Popular Accessory The Meat Grinder continues to be the most popular accessory because it is so versatile: it can process almost any kind of meat Hunter's love it!Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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Visual highlights and perfect dynamics. While your local BMW center is committed to fulfilling your orders as quickly as possible, there may be longer than normal shipping times. Keeping our BMW community informed.

Learn More. Shop now. Select Your BMW. Top Selling Products. Floor Mats. Women's Lifestyle. Men's Lifestyle. The perfect travel companions. Forged wheels and tires. See this year's Spring Collection. Make life go downhill. Rewards for the driven. Top-up wherever you go. Cleaners and Care Products.Charlemagne asked several questions about my AK, so I decided to make a post.

akm accessories

Hope it will be interesting for readers of the blog. AKM is a very reliable weapon. It can be accurate if shooter has good skills.

akm accessories

For example, I remember one training when we had a target at a distance of about meters about yards. There were 3 shooters, two with ARs and one with G36 rifle. All of them had Aimpoint holographic sights one of them had magnifier installed and different tactical accessories installed.

I have hit the target from the first try using iron sights. Experience is better than cool and expensive sights. That is why I always recommend to spend money on ammunition not on electronic sights. One of the interesting upgrades installed on my AKM AK was enhanced safety which enables shooter to disengage it using just one finger.

But after numerous problems I have removed it. Enhanced safety is not as reliable as the standard one. During the 2-day Rifle Match I had numerous problems with it. AFG is very comfortable for me but some shooters hate it. It has stamped receiver and converted from full-auto to semi-auto for use by civilians. There are many upgrades available for AK I decided to fix the two main problems of all AKs: short stock and uncomfortable grip.

It was really easy to install Hogue grip, there is one bolt which holds it in place. Hogue grip is one of the best aftermarket grips for AK, it has very good coating and it is comfortable to hold it even during the cold weather. The best stock I could find was Magpul Stock. It is difficult to get this muzzle brake because it is restricted for shipping outside the USA.One of the most popular weapons in the world, the Avtomat Kalashnikova Model 47 which is commonly referred to as the AK The Russian born rifle is known for its simple to use controls and small amount of parts needed to function.

The lack of parts lends itself to tough as nails reliability and one of the main attributes that make it a favorite among gun owners everywhere. However due to its dated design, there are limited places to mount opticslaserslightsetc. Luckily we carry the latest hand guards and top covers which feature either built in Mil-Std Picatinny rail sections or are readily able to accept rails.

Another area popular among AK enthusiasts to replace is the standard wood pistol grip that comes from the factory on nearly every AK variant. We offer a ton of pistol grips made specifically for the rifle that will fit just about any users hand comfortably. No matter what you want to upgrade on your AK variant rifle or pistol, you can rest assured knowing we have you covered with the greatest selection of the industry's best brands. Shooting Gear AK47 Accessories. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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Popular AK47 Accessories. Navigate to: Categories. Made in USA. Shop by Gun:. Gun Storage Sub-Categories.

Welcome to WASR-10.COM!

Gun Cases Gun Safes. Related Links. Compare 0. Remove All.The booming popularity of the AK has accessory and parts manufacturers very busy. There are few things gun owners like more than personalizing and accessorizing their firearms.

Today, there is an incredible number of extras that can be added to the AK to make it more ergonomic, more comfortable to shoot, more accurate and just more fun all around.

Now shooters can get custom muzzle devices, improved triggers, extended magazine releases, laser-aiming devices, new safeties and more. For more information about the AK accessories featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data as defined in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.

This slap does not affect the rifle, but it can be uncomfortable for your trigger finger. It is made from triple alloy steel and has a manganese-phosphate finish for corrosion resistance. It also counts as three U. He starts off with receiver selection and the differences between them and walks the viewer through drilling the proper receiver holes.

He also discusses bending the receiver to the correct shape, fitting the front and rear trunnions, installing the interior rails, and drilling the fire control and safety lever holes. He concludes with installing the barrel.

AKs are known for being durable, but everything breaks down sooner or later, and you will be glad to have spare parts around for when the big one hits. This kit includes all the small but essential parts that are most likely to need replacing at some point, including a recoil spring and retainer, an extractor and spring, firing pin, a pistol grip screw and nut, a disconnector, a hammer and trigger pins, a magazine catch and pin, a tang screw and a front sight post.

This system consists of a rail-mounted module that pairs a green laser and a lumen white LED light with a dedicated control grip. The LiNQ system is truly innovative, and it comes with free batteries for life. The standard magazine release is utilitarian and effective, but this small polymer release allows the user to drop the magazine with the trigger finger of either hand.

It is lightweight and attaches very easily to your existing magazine release, so no permanent modifications are necessary. Of course, faster magazine releases mean faster reloads. Despite its 3. The muzzle device locks in place with four grooved notches and the standard front sight post pin. The open-front design drives flash and escaping gases forward, providing greater backward thrust on the gas piston—a significant advantage for AK pistols and SBRs with shorter dwell times.

IO Inc. One such very welcome upgrade is IO Inc. This easy-to-install, stamped-steel part resolves several issues with the standard AK safety selector lever. Standard AKs do not have a bolt hold-open device—a nice feature to have, especially for range safety. The IO Inc. The smallish tabs at the front of the standard selector can be hard to manipulate and impossible to reach with the trigger finger; the enhanced selector features a much larger tab located at the rear that is easily operated with the trigger finger.

Since it is an American-made part, it also counts towards r compliance. It has horizontal slots along the side and angles at the front and rear to help reduce perceived recoil and muzzle flash. The front has subtle strike points useful for a standoff device or impact weapon.

For safety, the adapter has caliber-specific threads so that users cannot unintentionally install smaller-caliber devices on their AKs.

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